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    Charalampos S. Floudas et al
    Supplemental Data
    Supplemental Figure 1 Volcano Plot of the RNA Sequencing Differential Gene Expression Results
    Abbreviations: FDR ¼ false discovery rate; sig ¼ significant.
    Supplemental Figure 2 CIBERSORT ( Results
    Abbreviations: NK ¼ natural killer; RMSE ¼ root mean squared error.
    Anti-PD-1 and Radiation in Colorectal Cancer
    Supplemental Table 1 RNA Sequencing Results
    Gene Log2 Fold Change P P Adjusted
    Genes with statistically significant (adjusted) differential expression in the pre- and post-treatment biopsies, ranked per log2 fold change.
    Charalampos S. Floudas et al
    Supplemental Table 2 RNA Sequencing Results
    Genes in P
    Description Overlap, n FDR q
    Genes Upregulated in Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages Treated With IL4 26 2.77E-14 8.92E-11
    vs. Incubated With the Peptide ALL1 Followed by Stimulation With T-Cell Membranes
    Genes Downregulated in Dendritic Cells: Anti-FcgRIIB vs. Inflammatory Cytokine Cocktail 20 5.79E-12 5.32E-09
    Genes Upregulated in Thymus Subcapsular Cortical Region vs. the Whole Medulla 23 1.01E-11 6.76E-09
    Genes Upregulated in Comparison of PBMC From Healthy Donors vs. PBMC From Patients 22 1.15E-11 6.76E-09
    With Acute Staphylococcus Aureus Infection
    Leukocyte Co-Stimulatory Blockade Antibodies
    Genes Upregulated in Mock Treatment During Adoptive Transfer Therapy of B16 Melanoma: 22 7.49E-11 3.02E-08
    Genes Downregulated in Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells: Untreated vs. Rosiglitazone 22 7.49E-11 3.02E-08
    Inhibitor Etanercept
    Genes Involved in Transmembrane Transport of Small Molecules 31 2.25E-10 8.54E-08
    Genes Downregulated in CD8 T Cells, Acute Infection With LCMV-Armstrong: Effectors at 21 4.36E-10 1.34E-07
    Genes Upregulated in Allogeneic T Cells After Stimulation With Dendritic Cells From: Liver vs. 21 4.78E-10 1.34E-07
    Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
    Genes Upregulated in Comparison of PBMC From Healthy Donors vs. PBMC From Patients 19 1.50E-09 3.85E-07
    With Acute Escherichia coli Infection
    Genes Downregulated in Comparison of Mature NK Cells vs. Intermediate Mature NK Cells